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Centrale Library, the hub for academic excellence and research
Centrale Library is open to ECC students, exchange program students, ECC staff and faculty. It is a place for study, group work, research and online search. It has been designed to host students & researchers for group work in the rooms located on both sides. The large and sinewy tables seep through the books cases and thus give space to users to consult the physical catalog.
Centrale Library has an evergrowing collection that caters for the demands of students and staff. This collection includes fundamental sciences (Mathematics and physics),  engineering sciences (Industrial engineering, mechanics, energy…), data sciences (IT development & architecture, coding, algorithmics…), business (entrepreneurship, management, marketing) fine literature (English and French literature ranging from the classics to the most recent publications), and human sciences (Philosophy, sociology, epistemology…). The library has a dedicated magazines section that you can consult & read on site, and of which the old issues are available for borrowing.
You can consult the catalogue online at Librarika : Centrale Library. Online information on books availability is live and the new arrivals are displayed for your guidance on the front page. The library is open everyday from 8h to 2h and for borrowing/returning books, there are specific time slots : 12h15 to 13h30 and 18h15 to 19h30 on weekdays. Saturday from 10h to 16h. for any other information, please check the rules and policy document.  (URL for PDF)